We look at the Slot Machine and find out just what makes these machines tick and why they continue to be so popular.

Slot Machine

Arctic Treasure Sparta Spin 2 Million $
As the name suggests Arctic Treasure is a popular theme running throughout this Fruit Machine from the famous Playtech stable. Symbols covered in ice and an Ice Queen Arctic Princess wild symbol. Themed after the historic Spatans, the Sparta fruit machine is a 5 reel slot with an expanding wild symbol. Apart from the usual deck of cards other symbols are the warship, catapult, Greek Urn, Sword and Shield. Last updated in June 2009 the Playtech slot Machine Spin 2 Million $ is a multiple line multiple bet slot machine with multiple paylines and features based on the very popular cops and robbers theme.

Iron Man Incredible Hulk Alice's Wonderland
Based on the famous 1960s comic superhero, Iron Man Fruit Machine is the slot machine version of the popular sci-fi film. As expected from a Fruit Machine based on a Marvel comic the game is a visual masterpiece. The Incredible Hulk Fruit Machine is as the name suggests based on the popular TV series. It is action packed and comes with a range of features and bonuses including a Hulk Smash Bonus and Expanding Hulk feature. Alice in Wonderland is a 20 line 5 reel Las Vegas style slot machine game based on Lewis Carroll's fairytale Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Amazon Wild Around the World Chests of Plenty
Venture into the wilds of the Amazonian jungle and discover the hidden treasures of an ancient civilisation, Aztec Gold! You're a heroic adventurer who is on a mission to seek his fortune and return home unscathed by the tropical rainforest. Based on Phileas Fogg's epic 80 day adventure, Around the World is a gripping 5 reel, 20 line Las Vegas style slot machine game with exciting features such as wild symbols, bonus rounds, scatter symbols and a great reverse spin play which is great for when the wind is not blowing your way. Based on the ever popular pirate theme, Chests of Plenty is a dynamic 5 reel 20 line slot machine game which boasts a Progressive Jackpot in the main reel. With a Treasure map bonus, Chest bonus round and wild card symbols Chest a Plenty is home to all the booty.

Coffin up the Cash Fruit Madness Gin Joint Jackpot
Inspired by Vampire infested Transylvania, Coffin up the Cash is a truly terrifying five reel 20 line Las Vegas style slot machine game. Fruit Madness is based on the traditional fruit slot machines and features a spotlight bonus game which is played by getting 3 or more Bonus symbols on a selected play line. Set in the mean streets and amongst the gangsters of 1920's America, Gin Joint Jackpot is a classic 5 reel 20 line Vegas style slot machine game.

Go for Gold Gold Rush Showdown House of Dragons
The thrilling Go for Gold is a Las Vegas style slot machine game based on the athletic theme. The five reel nine line game features a progressive jackpot, Wild symbols and two bonus rounds. Go for Gold is the game of champions. Set in the Wild West, Gold Rush Showdown is a fierce 20 line, 5 reel Las Vegas style slot machine game with scatter symbols, a shoot the bandit Gunfight bonus round and a big money progressive jackpot. Inspired by Chinese Culture, the 5 reel 20 line House of Dragons slot machine game is an exhilarating play with wild symbols, scatter tokens and an Archery Bonus Game.

Jewels of Atlantis King Arthur Leprechaun's Luck Slot
Hunt for Neptune's Treasure in this Lost City of Atlantis themed slot machine game. Jewels of Atlantis is modeled on the traditional 5 reel 20 line Las Vegas style slots and boasts bonus games, free spins and Auto plays. Based on the mythical legend, King Arthur is a thrilling 5 slot machine game that every aspiring Knight needs to play! With the exciting scatter symbols, wild tokens and Camelot bonus round, this really is the master of all slot machine games. Themed on the luck of the Irish, Leprechaun's Luck Slot is a Las Vegas styled slot machine game. The game boasts a Progressive Jackpot which can be won in the special Wishing Well and Rainbow Bonus round.

Open Sesame Pharaoh's Treasure Reel Gems
Based in Arabia, Open Sesame is a 5 reel 20 line Las Vegas slot machine game filled with magic, intrigue and glamour. Set in Ancient Egypt, Pharaoh's Treasure is a five reel slot game with a bonus round set in Tutankhamen's Tomb. Full of sparkling Jewels, Reel Gems is a thrilling 5 reel 20 line Las Vegas style slot machine game.

ReSpinner Rich and Famous Rubik's Slot
The Las Vegas style slot machine game ReSpinner, is a 5 reel, 20 line slot machine which offers the gamer free spins and wild symbols. How many re-spins can you take? Enjoy the lifestyle of the Rich and Famous in this 5 reel, 25 line Las Vegas style slot machine game. Rubik's Slot Machine is a game based on the mind boggling 1980's puzzle, the Rubik's Cube.

Slotris The War of the Worlds Time Machines
Based on a popular 1980's block arcade game, the Slotris slot machine offers fixed odds and cash prizes for a complete row formed out of falling bricks. Based on Jeff Wayne’s musical creation, The War of The World is a 100 line 5 reel Las Vegas style slot machine. Based on the ever popular time travel theme, Time Travel is a 5 reel 20 line slot machine game.

Top of the Slots Viva Las Vegas Viva Las Vegas Classic
Top of the Slots is a 5 reel 20 line slot machine game which covers the past 50 years of music and these slot machines feature wild symbols, scatter symbols, reserve play and interactive bonus rounds. Based on the gambling capital's dazzling bright lights, Viva Las Vegas is a spectacular 5 reel 20 line slot machine game. Viva Las Vegas boasts wild symbols, a stimulating mini in reel bonus round and the gripping wheel bonus where gamers can spin for cash prizes or lucky free plays. Inspired by the dazzling Sin City, Viva Las Vegas Classic is an iconic five reel twenty line slot machine. In addition to the usual features of scatter symbols, wild symbols and Auto play - it has a gripping Bonus Wheel round, chip win and card win bonus game bringing all the excitement of Las Vegas to you online, at home.

Whether it's the ringing of a big payout in the local pub or the rattle of coins from a traditional seaside amusement arcade, the unmistakeable soundtrack of a slot machine is as much a part of the British cultural landscape as fish and chips. Here at slot machine, you can find out just what makes these machines tick and why they continue to be so popular.

Walk into any modern casino or amusement arcade and you can't fail to be struck by the collective clunk and clatter of lucky punters hitting the jackpot on a slot machine. Indeed the major floor space of virtually any American casino is swamped by banks of these glittering, chattering cabinets eagerly gobbling up cash from players looking for the big payout.

As a visitor to slot machine, you're likely to be familiar with the more traditional fruit machines, also known as 'pokies' in Australia, designed around the classic 'one-armed bandit' design with a lever to the side. These mechanical systems were introduced in America in the late 19th century and have remained largely unchanged in their operation since then.

This kind of machine typically features between three and five reels, on which are embossed the now-familiar symbols that have become synonymous with gambling by slots: fruit, gold bars, bells and dollar signs. Many variations have arisen over the years, but the classic fruit machine has remained fundamentally the same.

Initially envisioned as entertainment machines 'for amusement only', the slot machine became quickly ubiquitous in the penny arcades and seaside resorts of America up until the 'roaring twenties', when prohibition in the USA made virtually all forms of gambling illegal.

This did little, however, to stifle the public's desire for an occasional 'flutter', and merely served to drive slot machines, along with most other forms of gaming, underground. No (dis)reputable speakeasy or bordello would be complete without a slot machine, although the lack of regulation during these times meant that the machines invariably lived up to their nick-name as 'the one armed bandit', where the owners of the establishments would ensure that the fruit machine rarely, if ever, paid out.

By association, fruit machines gained an air of ill-repute, from which they have still to fully recover. Sites such as slot machine however, are part of a movement towards a less-hysterical modern re-appraisal of gaming in all its forms. Where once gambling was considered to be the hallmark of a wasted youth, nowadays national lotteries are run by governments in most western countries and everyone from the clergy to your sainted grandmother is actively encouraged to try their luck.

One only needs to visit one of the super-casinos that are to be found in major cities across the world to see the rehabilitation of the machine in contemporary life. Under the bright lights of the gaming floor, banks upon banks of fruit machines, video poker and coin-operated 'wheel of fortune' machines work 24 hours a day, offering the tantalising prospect of the big payout.

This phenomenon can be seen nowhere more so than in Las Vegas, where an entire city has arisen from the arid Nevada desert, a glittering oasis founded on the promise of cascading coins. As a visitor to slot machine, you probably think you know what casino slots are, but if you haven't been to Vegas (as the man said) you ain't seen nothin' yet!

As with most things in the USA, Las Vegas casinos do things BIG. On any gaming floor, over 75 percent of space can be given over to slot machines, with prize payouts ranging from a few cents up to multi-million pound jackpots. The initial bet required can be as little as a nickel up to special tokens worth a thousand dollars each, although these massive jackpot slot machines are often in cordoned-off areas within the casino to avoid the voyeuristic attention of those whose curiosity outweighs their bank balance.

Mega casinos such as those to be found in Las Vegas (and, increasingly, in major cities around the world) have refined this machine to the point where it combines aspects of many cutting-edge technologies. So-called wide-area progressive slots are fruit machines which have been remotely linked together from several different casino premises, offering the chance to win far higher jackpots than a single fruit machine could offer.

On a closer scale, individual machines often have what is termed multiple pay-line slots, where there are three or more lines of reels within one cabinet, tripling the potential payout. These machines often have lights above the player's head which will flash and a siren or bell will sound, indicating to other players that someone has struck it rich in the slots.

Of course many visitors to slot machine will be looking for tips to 'beat' the fruit machine that sits in the corner of the local pub. Various techniques have been espoused by bar-room philosophers over the years, from matching patterns of illumination on the cabinet's marquee to listening for the coin to fall from an overloaded drop-box to the coin hopper.

Unfortunately, these tips are invariably based upon urban myth. Most slot machines have their payout set by random number generators, either by the owner of the machine or by local statute. The best advice is to bet the most you can afford to lose, as the payout will be substantially higher if you hit the jackpot having placed the maximum ante.

By definition, the majority of gamers will walk away from a one-armed bandit (unsurprisingly, given the nick-name) having been robbed. The casinos and amusement arcades are, after all, there to raise a profit, but hopefully slot machine has given you a small bit of insight into the enduring appeal behind this most traditional of gaming machine. Good luck!