We look at the Slot Machine and find out just what makes these machines tick and why they continue to be so popular.

Zodiac Zillions

Set amongst the moon and stars Zodiac Zillions is a classic 5 reel, 20 line Las Vegas style slot machine game which boasts cosmic graphics; scatter symbols, wild symbols and bonus rounds. Play Now

Zodiac Zillions, a view Activate the thrilling Zodiac bonus game by matching 3 or more Zodiac Zillions bonus symbols for a change of quadrupling your money on the Zodiac wheel.

Trigger the in reel Comet game and win big when the cosmic Comet passes by Saturn. Match two or more Crystal Balls on the Crystal Ball bonus round to win jackpot multipliers on these slot machines.

In addition to 'Reverse Play' and 'Auto play' you can also access your betting history and potential slot machines winnings via the informative 'Paytable.'

Playing Zodiac Zillions is truly an out of this world experience.