We look at the Slot Machine and find out just what makes these machines tick and why they continue to be so popular.

The War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds, autoplay, stop The War of the Worlds, start

Based on Jeff Wayne’s musical creation, The War of The World is a 100 line 5 reel Las Vegas style slot machine. The game features a special bonus round where winnings are accumulated by killing the dreaded fighting machines and Wild symbols scattered throughout the slot machine to trigger reel wins. Play Now

The War of the Worlds, bonus The War of The Worlds is available in two formats, a full high quality version and a reduced quality version which has less animations and lower quality graphics, but compatible with slower 2.1 MB internet connections.

Bet a maximum of £100 per game with an upper limit of £1 per line, before spinning or selecting the convenient Auto play. Wins are triggered through a combination of 3 or more matching symbols with prizes automatically totalled to your winning account.

Spin 3 Bonus symbols on these slot machines to activate the Fighting Machine bonus game where points are awarded for shooting down the dreaded Fighting Machines.

If you annihilate all 3 of the machines then you will enter the next round, with 500 bonus points being awarded if you kill all 9.

You will return to the main reel when all cannons have been fired or when all 9 Fighting Machines have been killed.

The War of the World boasts Wild symbols as well as Auto play, for an out of this world gaming experience.