We look at the Slot Machine and find out just what makes these machines tick and why they continue to be so popular.


Slotris, how to play Slotris, clearing rows

Based on a popular 1980's block arcade game, the Slotris slot machine offers fixed odds and cash prizes for a complete row formed out of falling bricks. Play Now

Slotris, rules The more rows that are formed in one play the larger the cash prize. The payouts also grow based on the amount of single, double, triple and quadruple row wins that are formed.

The effectively simple but addictive game of Slotris offers a maximum payout of £89,154 with the maximum stake of £10 per line.

Slotris slot machines feature a magic block that grants 10 free plays if it forms part of a winning row.

In addition to Auto play and the option of a slow mode, Slotris is a blockbuster of a game which offers endless hours of gambling fun.