We look at the Slot Machine and find out just what makes these machines tick and why they continue to be so popular.

Rubik's Slot

Rubik's Slot, start Rubik's Slot, a view

Rubik's Slot Machine is a game based on the mind boggling 1980's puzzle, the Rubik's Cube. Gamers watch as the cube randomly rotates to reveal 3 potentially winning sides. Prizes are awarded based on matching lines and completed sides. Play Now

Rubik's Slot, bonus Free spins are awarded on these slot machines when all 6 letters of the 'RUBIKS' logo light up during a spin.

The game will automatically trigger the free spin bonus mode with payouts being added to your account balance and extra cubes being offered to increase your chance of winning.

A minimum of 10p and a maximum of £10 can be placed on each game with a potential jackpot of £50,000. Rubik's Slot features Auto play, betting history and the choice of turning the turbo mode on or off.

Rubik's Slot is a fabulous game, based on a true classic and an absolute for every 80's child out there.