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Gin Joint Jackpot

Gin Joint Jackpot, Chicago Speakeasy Gin Joint Jackpot, scatter symbol

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Gin Joint Jackpot, bonus game Set in the mean streets and amongst the gangsters of 1920's America, Gin Joint Jackpot is a classic 5 reel 20 line Vegas style slot machine game.

Shoot the henchman for cash rewards, choose where to raid for illegal alcohol dens, battle it out in a Chicago Speakeasy and try your luck at busting the big boss.

Gin Joint Jackpot offers the gamer a wealth of bonus rounds, scatter symbol and wild cards such as shoot-the-henchman Gunfight bonus and the Booze Bustin' bonus game. Bet anything from 5p a line all the way up to £10 for a chance of winning big cash prizes on these slot machines.

With such exhilarating bonus rounds and huge cash rewards, beat those baddies and bust that booze in Gin Joint Jackpot - The best gangster game this side of Chicago!