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Amazon Wild

Amazon Wild, Aztec Gold Amazon Wild, Aztec ruins

Venture into the wilds of the Amazonian jungle and discover the hidden treasures of an ancient civilisation, Aztec Gold! You're a heroic adventurer who is on a mission to seek his fortune and return home unscathed by the tropical rainforest. Play Now

Amazon Wild, Amazonian jungle Amazon Wild is a popular 5 reel online slot machine game with 100 lines, each 4 symbols deep. The games most thrilling feature is its bonus round where the player is transported into a glorious Aztec Temple. In addition, there are Wild symbols which offer multiple wins in varied combinations.

Choose your maximum £1 stake per line with the easy scroll 'Stake Up' and 'Stake Down' buttons. Bet a maximum of £100 per game which has a whooping prize fund of £200,000.

The Amazon Treasure game is triggered when 3 or more Bonus symbols are triggered on a spin. Enter the Amazon basin where you will be presented with up to 8 Aztec ruins, uncover the temples and collect your treasure which will be summarised before returning you to the main slot machine.

Enjoy the special WILD symbols and Auto play when you explore the exotica of the Amazon Wild and discover the Aztec Gold that lies within these amazing slot machines.